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What happened to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus other wise known as
What happened to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’r the land of the free and the home of the brave?

What happened?  It seems no longer that we have the brave.  And we are definitely not free!

Or is this alleged virus giving us an example of Life under Bernie? Life under The Democrats? Life under AOC socialism?

I understand there are those that are higher risk.  That is the case in the regular flu, the common cold, allergies (think peanuts), driving, walking, waking up, sliding in the snow.  But we do not shut down everything.

What cure is there for the common cold? Time, What is the cure for the Regular Flu? Fluids and time. Cure for allergies? Various medicines, targeted avoidance, controlled acceptance.  Driving, take the bus, cab, Uber, etc.  Walking, riding. Sliding in the snow, don’t do it, optional.  Waking up, sorry, life has risks.

The United States was created on the concept of freedom.  With freedom comes risks. With risks comes responsibilities. For some risks are are fun.  They take responsibility for their risk taking. For most risks are work and accepted. They know that they will not be free to go about their day.

One element of Freedom is the ability to travel.  Travel is necessary for work, fulfilling basic needs and enjoyments.  There is risk in travel.  Some of the risks include accidents, getting lost, vehicle breakdown, and yes interacting with people.  People who are healthy and some that may not be.

Freedom also comes with the risks assumed while earning a living or as we call it work.  At work there can be many opportunities for injury.  Machines that help make products but if not treated with respect can injure you. Clients or customers that have a problem. Coworkers who like the other music and may wear bad cologne. We work through those risks to allow us to live and thrive.

We go to stores for necessities.  Necessities differ between people.  For some, Captain Crunch is a necessity.  For others vegetables are.  Shoes, you may need shoes.  Shirts, you may need a shirt. Of course, if the restaurants are closed, you don’t have to worry about no shirt no shoes. Pants, cars, beds, furniture, a nice chair, bicycles.

What is not essential?
Why are people so afraid to die?  Have they not prepared?  When my children were small, steps were put in place in the event that both my wife and I dies.  Why? Maybe it was watching the TV sitcom Webster.  Maybe it was necessary for being a responsible parent.

Why are people so afraid to die?  Sorry, I have to mention religion at this point. It seems that religious people have less fear of dying.  Yes, there is the thought of disappointment that there will be things missed, but those with religious thoughts of afterlife.

Why are people afraid to die?  They have been programmed it that way.  Whether it be school, media, friends and enemies, the fear of dying has been programmed.

Why are people not wanting to take risks?  It may be the way parents raise children. When I was a kid we played outside, pickup games, going to the park on our own, and yes, a few fights.  We took risks to have fun and yes, to win.

Ok the Brave.  It is time to step up and return to being free.  No new government agencies, no taking shoes off at airports, but be ready to identify yourself.

It is time to open the country back up for business.  Use common sense, but be brave and be free!

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