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083 chris squire

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As an impressionable teenager in the early seventies my friend said lets go to the Beverly Theater and see Yessongs.  I had heard a few of their songs through him and had never heard of a concert movie being played at a theater, only classical concerts on TV.
The theater had just installed a new sound system for this show.  To say it changed my musical life is an understatement. I followed intensely from then on following YES.
My First Radio show on KMOM Monticello Minnesota featured multiple YES tracks. During the course of the show I even played parts of Fish Out of Water.
I play a little base guitar myself and have tried some of Chris Squire concepts.  Not easy and I am still trying.
I have taken my wife to see Yes. I have taken two of my three children to see yes. All were impressed.
Thanks to the career of Chris Squire and may he rest in peace.
What will happen to YES? He hired replacements for every other position in the band over the years. He hired Billy Sherwood to be his replacement this year.  Time will tell.
This pinup was created listening to the Internet radio show the gagliarchives. editorial-pinups.com has gained an international following and a tremendous amount of creation time with thanks to the gagliarchives.

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