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044 just list the price

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For years I have been saying that one of the problems with the medical community is that you do not know how much it is going to cost you before you need services.  First, let's separate out a few medical items.  There is the standard medical care where you go to your doctor to take care of a routine exam, immunization shots, a cold, follow-up for procedures, numerous items, the prices can be listed.  Then there are emergencies, two kinds.  The first is let's call it a medical malfunction where you can go to a doctors office or even a hospital but on a scheduled basis.  This can be tricky.  To often it is not known what is being caused.  However, there should be the ability to set prices.  Next is the emergency room visit.  This can be the most problem some.  You are in the wrong part of the country.  You cannot be helped by the locals.  They drop you on a transport.  And the next thing you know, you have a large bill that you will be paying.  In that condition you cannot ask prices.  But..two out of three scenarios you can.  I definitely agree with Dr. Alex Pareigis that hospitals need to put up the prices where they can be seen.  Do not try to charged based upon how someone looks and what type of piece of paper they bring in.  But another thing I have learned, is to locate near a hospital that can take care of the major emergency items.  I am currently looking to relocate.

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