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Our current administration is again proving one of two things:  either they are incompetent or they want to take our country to a communist country with an elite ruling class.  The Ukraine is being threatened by Russia when the people want to align with Europe. Syria is gone to  the poop, Iran is nuclear, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba are being pests, and China!  Need I say more?
Wee need to keep a strong Military.  It is more than technology.  People win wars, not just technology.  Especially when the war is against people.
This is just a sampling of bad guy countries.  Don't forget, the Taliban is returning.  And what does our president and his democrat henchmen want?  Just like we are exiting the Mid-East while the bad guys are coming back.  Why did we send our guys to die?
Play this to win, not to give it back to the bad guys.  We do not want to be under a government control and will fight for our independence...regardless of what you boobs do!

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