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Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus

Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus other wise known as

This is a first in a series of articles regarding the ”COVID-19” Pandemic giving my thoughts, theories and the resulting handling of this “pandemic”. These articles will be presented and archived at http://editorialpinups.com/ and also presented on Facebook. For the time being new pinups are being put on hold to dedicate time to this presentation.

This first article will be an overview including a basis of who the major players are and if they benefit or do not benefit from the current handling of this “pandemic”. Realize that this is not a “just happened” thing.  This is just one in a number of attempts to reverse the 2016 election, the election that the bitch Hilary Clinton lost because she was a very bad candidate, a member of what has become the most corrupt and manipulative political party ever in the United States, and part of an organization to bring the United States down and create a slave class of our country. A group that has elites living in luxury who have lost their purpose.

As of November 2019 the United States was well on returning to self sufficiency.  The United States, a country considered young by most standards, was designed by its process of being self sufficient.  People came here with dreams and some resources then effectively did things on their own.  The constitution, the amendments, and the declaration of all independence wreak of the county being independent and its people being self sufficient.

That said, here are the list of some of the potential losers who become winners if this “pandemic” works in removing President Donald Trump:

Bill,  Hilary and Chelsea Clinton. The loss of the election slammed Hilary’s ego, but that is minor compared to the cash cow pay for play of the Clinton Foundation.  One has to be oblivious to the workings of the Clinton Foundation and the access people were given to the Clinton’s based on contribution levels.

Bernie Sanders. Here is a guy who got screwed by the DNC in 2016 but was paid handsomely. He needs an issue to be able to try to overtake this years DNC I don’t want you attitude.  This year the DNC doesn't want Bernie again.  But given a good medical crisis, you get to tout Medicare for All as a solution.

Opec and Russia.  Drive the price of oil and it goes below the price point of production in the United States…

Xi Jinping General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and paramount leader of China.  The trade war has been going in favor of the United States.  Since China does not have a real consumer economy, so the Red Chinese need to have consumers to buy their stuff.

Bill Gates.  Microsoft benefits by having people work from home.  Let see how many Teams and Cloud licenses increase.  Gates also has a big in vestment in slave labor in Red China.

Various Democrat Governors and mayors.  The worst states and cities crime wise, homeless wise, inflated tax wise, impossible cost of living wise are run by Democrats.  The need to blame their incompetency on someone else and have reason to bully their constituents.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the impeachment squad.

The mainstream media.  Their editorial agenda took over their ability to report news honestly and they made fools of themselves.

Mainstream Medical people who have been made somewhat irrelevant in recent years.

There will be more as we pursue this thought.
I am not saying that there is no threat out there.  But looking at all factors, this is excessive. To shut down the strongest economy in my history and that of perhaps of all time makes no logical sense.  Sure, adjustments can be made to help protect the population, but shutting down will and is hurting more.

Stay tuned for article 002!


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