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037 on the shelf

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When the mannequin is not in use it is put on the shelf in the store room. In the case of the mannequin it may be used again and it should.  The mannequin is attractive, functional, sturdy, and useful.

The same with the chairs.  When needed for use they are attractive, functional, sturdy, and useful.

That brings us to the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.  It is unattractive, shown to be nonfunctional, weak, and for many useless.  For a few it has been perceived as better and many thought it attractive.  It was sold as being sturdy and useful.

Then came the reality.  The promise made by the president was found out to be a lie.  Existing polices were canceled and not renewed.  They did not meet the federal mandated requirements.  New policies and plans excluded current medical staff.  Premiums were higher, much higher.  Deductibles were through the roof.  People who had hysterectomies and vasectomies were required to carry insurance for birth control and pregnancy.  

It was determined that deeper reading of the history and details of the ACA found out this was predicted.  President Obama knew this all along.  He then says it is for your own good.  That what you had previously agreed to was not good for you, sub-standard. It did not matter that you could afford what you had and could not afford the new plan.  Bankrupt me now or bankrupt me later.  It did not matter that the insurance was for a catastrophic event, not every day pay for items with cash.  Then at the last minute he thinks he can reinstate those “sub-standard” policies with the wink of an eye.  Sorry bub, there is no guarantee that can work as you are messing with planned out business models based on your rules.  And then he says that buying insurance is harder than he thought.  That’s what we get for having a president who has never met a payroll!

The best thing that can be done with the ACA, aka Obamacare, is to first put it on the shelf, then when it is time for spring cleaning, take it out to the disposal area.  But be careful, as it stands now it is hazardous waste!

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