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052 vote really

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The voting swings of the American public can be hard to understand. I had thought that as a president, Democrat Jimmy Carter was the worst.  His message was a negative existence.  A strong republican candidate came along, He was a television and movie star. He was a former governor of a state that people used to want to relocate. A state where conservatives with money are now exiting stage left at a rate higher than Illinois. But, a strong communicator.

Unfortunately Barack Obama has proven to be a worse president.  Where Jimmy Carter got Israel and Egypt to sign a peace accord, Obama’s administration eliminated foreign country leadership, funded terrorism, presented the United States as an apologetic mess, demoralized hard working Americans by regulating their occupations out of business, and presented himself as this holier than thou all knowing intellectual.

Obama was elected to office after a second President Bush, who was probably a nice guy, whose most visible part of life was being on the ownership of the Texas Rangers baseball team.  During that job, Bush approved the Alex Rodriquez contract which routed so much money to one player that the team was a bit hamstrung to get other star players.

Obama was challenged by a candidate who made his living of the knowledge that he had been a POW. John McCain, I thank you for your service to our country, but you obviously had forgotten how to fight.  You didn’t. Obama ran over you.

The 2012 election campaign came.  With the country economically stagnated, emotionally bummed,  we expected a fight from Mit Romney.  For one debate he almost did it.  

I was personally devastated that Obama won a second term.  He had not earned it.   

Donald Trump is not a savior or a choir boy.  The Republican party has their flaws. The 2016 primary season brought out numerous contenders. We showed that here http://editorialpinups.com/085-the-republicans.html.   

Donald Trump is a negotiator, has been known to win many times and it can be perceived that he lost a few.  He has in the past been held very positively by people of all races, religions and creeds.  There are some distractors, but I had never really known him to be hated.  Disliked and misunderstood perhaps.  You work for him and don’t live up to the job, you are fired.  Want to learn how to do what Trump does, he made it available for a fee.  You had to work.  And Trump is a worker.

He also saw that bad losing happening and the country sliding into a bad way.  He saw people’s lives being ruined by regulation and then beaten with a stick saying they never could be great again.  He learned about people outside his comfort zone. He wanted to do something that needed to be done.

That something is fight. And fight he did. Media treats him badly at a debate, he doesn’t attend. The ratings fall.  He wins over all of his Republican contenders.  Then he takes on the darling of the media and the left. The left, the ones who had regulated many jobs out of existence.  The left, who thinks people outside of the major metros are a bunch of boobs.

Let’s remember at the midterm the accomplishments of the first two tumultuous years of Donald Trumps presidency.  This pinup highlights them.  And we ask, why would you want to vote for the opposition?

Lets answer this by actions. Do not vote for a candidate for an office that has any affiliation with those trying to destroy the president that was needed at this time in our country’s history.

Donald Trump has fought. He tells it like it is in simple language. He has taught a few in the Republican party to do the same.  This came out in the Kavanaugh hearing.  

Lindsey Graham first.  Susan Collins was obvious as she fought for her dignity and the dignity of the American system of justice.  As I think about it, Jeff Flake fought, but in a different way.  He set up the opposition for loss.  

Lisa Murkowski was not convinced, and as I look, it was a different type of fight.  She could have voted no.  I think she had her doubts.  Yes, they say it was to allow Steve Daines to stay for his daughter’s wedding back home, but it was a swing vote.

Joe Manchin did what I feel is in the true form of the spirit of Supreme Court nominations.  He voted the same way that those who were Republicans voted for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The mid terms are important.  The decision is do we want to continue this positive development of our country?  Or do we want to set it in reverse?

Let’s do the right thing!

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