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045 swiss banks

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Much has been written about Mitt Romney's investments.  We have shown here at editorial-pinups.com that it is very possible to lose it all when your investments are put in one place.  Just ask Uncle Jed.  Most entrepreneurs take this risk all of the time.  They put everything they have into their venture.  If they succeed, great.  If not, it is on to some other venture. People who invest look to spread the investments around.  Mr. Romney takes the same approach.  That is why it is important that we recognize the importance of spreading around our investments including in foreign investments.  You see, it seems that investing in Swiss investments that a part of that is invested back in the United states.  Read the numbers on the pinup.  Let's be honest, 401 K accounts, pensions funds, and people of all sizes invest their money in countries other than the United States.  If you bash Mr. Romney for investing in Switzerland, then lets bash the immigrant that sends money back home to be invested by his relatives.  If I am an Illinois resident, should I be bashed for investing in an Iowa bank?  No.  But we should be bashing those who want to confiscate our profits of investing both while we are alive and after we die.  Income taxes on gains and estate taxes are not what our founding fathers had in mind.  Stop this class warfare now!

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