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012 mr president grades birth certificate

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Mr. President, you keep asking Mr. Romney for tax returns.  Do you not know that this should be an embarrassment to you and also congress?  You guys have made the laws.  Let's take a look at what you might find.  Mr. Romney pays a tax rate according to what the rules say.  Mr. Romney pays a good chunk of money charities.  Mr Romney may have money in numerous investments.  Mr Romney listens to Kramer and diversifies.  Some diversification is over seas. Jed Klampett was stupid to put all of his money into Mr. Drysdale's bank.  The FDIC did not insure all of it.  Mr. Obama, why the secrecy behind your birth certificate?  Why are you afraid to tells us your GPA and show us your college transcripts?  I have had to do that time and again when getting numerous jobs.  Tell us why your wife leaves a job and it is no longer available to the next person?  You want to answer this before I ask you more?  Mr. President, you make me sick!

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