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056 The Kid is Wrong

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Editorialpinups.com as a rule does not like to pick on kids. However, when a youngster has handlers that turn her into an adult, the kid becomes fair game. Sorry.

Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, a sixteen year old somehow gets to appear before the United Nations general assembly.  She states that her life has been destroyed by business, governments, people all over the world stating climate change gives us a very limited time left to live and that she won’t be able to live.  She also states that we all need to listen to the scientists.

Carbon footprint. An interesting term.  Specifically what does this mean? Do we all have one?  If so, can we bring this to nothing?

Carbon Footprint.  The byproduct of living.  Only to be eliminated by not breathing, not eating, not peeing or pooping, not moving around. Death wont help, as there is a problem with decomposition.

Therefore we all have one.  And we cannot bring the carbon foot print to nothing.  We breath.  We eat. We travel. We live. Therefore we have a carbon footprint.

It has been suggested that those with a carbon footprint can pay for the privilege of having a larger carbon footprint.  So the rich can buy there way out of the situation.  Does that bring us any closer? Logic dictates not.

Note also that historically and today the communist/socialist countries have a habit of making a big mess.  When the Berlin wall and Iron Curtain fell, we found some of the most disgusting environmental messes ever.  These messes continue in communistic countries like Red China and Viet Nam.  The United States has cleaned up and kept clean more than any other industrialized country in the world. We have helped clean up other countries that had messes.

My advice to Greta is to go back to school.  Learn about not only science, but sociology, history, economics.  Look at the history of the old Soviet Block and how it failed miserably.  Then look at the United States.  Not perfect, but in my opinion better than anywhere else.

And Greta,  take time to be a kid again.  It seems like you stopped being one much too early in life.

To Greta’s parents, you need to be brought up on child endangerment and abuse charges.

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