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127 No Currency

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127 No Currency

There is a push by the terrorist group, the world Economic forum to eliminate physical cash and make everyone use an electronic currency.  Just as they do with their fifteen minute cities where no one owns private transportation, lives in a box and eats fake meat while being sterilized, they cite efficiencies of resource and control of climate issues.

Well, if you wish to be a prisoner in life, go ahead.

It was proven by the trucker protests that were in Canada that digital currency can be used by the government to decimate freedom of speech and thought.  The communist regime of Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of protesters rendering their debit cards (digital currency) unattainable therefore useless.  They would get their accounts reactivated only after following the regime’s message to “Shut up and go home” while the regime was not rescinding on harsh societal controls.

This history should be enough to prove that digital currency as an only method should not be a reality.

However, let’s look at another example.  Iran does not do what the United States wants them to do.  The United States then freezes all monetary assets held by Iran.  If Iran had that held in physical currency the United States would not be able to freeze the assets.

I am not picking Iran but for any other reason than example.  Replace Iran with any country.  Israel, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt, or heaven forbid the Ukraine (oh wait, Joe Biden did this back when he was vice president). Imagine what would happen if these countries receiving aid would have those funds locked and kept from them.

The same could happen with people. Protest the theft of a presidential election and your bank accounts are locked.  Imagine that your employer has a lock put on their ability to make your pay available to you because the government locked their access and there was no alternative to pay cash.  Your social security funds while deposited could be made unavailable to you.

A common digital currency is being pushed by the terrorist group, “The World Economic Forum”. This group is a bunch of rich people who are devising ways for the return of serfdom. From Bill gates with his pharmaceutical tyranny and fake meat to th environmental wackos who fly private jets to rich people who made money through capitalism and now want to close it off (which makes no logical sense).  

One other quick note about the United States. It is up to the House of Representatives to coin money. This would have to be changed to make digital currency and not physical currency.

A second quick note, many independent restaurant owners currently charge 3 to 6 percent to use plastic.  Think about that.

Sorry digital currency is bad.  And besides, will we be left to using greenback to make clothing as we won’t be able to afford to by clothes with our accounts locked?


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