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The Ukraine has become a very interesting development.  the country returned to its form after the break up of the Soviet Union.  One part, the region of Crimea, has decided by a questionable vote to break away from the Ukraine and align with Russia.

It has been questioned as to if the voters were not under duress to vote this way.  Accusations of unmarked Russian soldiers were in the region.  That is just a small part.

The region has had for years many ethnic Russian inhabitants.  The number averaged 58% over the years.  However, that number has gone higher in part due to the declining birth rate in the region especially by the Ukraine people.  They think they will get better pay and a greater visibility aligning with Russia.

Very similar to all those who voted for President Obama in the last two elections. Thinking that promises of free this and free that will be a better deal that working within the status quo.

Here is the question.  After the honeymoon is over, will the people of Crimea be in the same position as the people of the United States under Obama?  You can keep your plan, you will save $4500.  Your will have access to more affordable coverage?  As it costs more, your plan was canceled, your out of pocket is more, your job be came part time from full time...

Will this be what  the people of Crimea will get?  Is this what President Obama meant when he told Putin once he was elected he would be able to do things without congressional approval?

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