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051 longest night

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As we celebrate the shortest day of the year on the waining moments of Christmas (sorry, I'm not going to start being politically correct), we in the northern hemisphere  remind ourselves that the shortest day of the year is just a bit colder than a nice warm summer day.  In six months they will be saying the same thing in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.
Having been warmed by the smiles of these two fantastic ladies today at the gym, I went back into the records and decided it was time to put them together into the same pinup.  How God watches over my creative spirit (and yes, again, no PC here), it seems that one session gave me the dark winter scene and then a session gave me a bright sunny summer day scene.
I thank them both for helping kick off Season 3 of editorial-pinups.com.  As we get to the end of this year as I write this on the shortest day of the year (ok, I'm reminded that it is the longest night of the year and I am by nature nocturnal) I wish all a better 2016 and with presidential elections heating up, more pinups will come. As I am always looking for additional modeling help, contact me with your interest.

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