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066 Masks Again

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Logic does not dictate with the alleged virus.  Covid-19.  The most weaponized medical situation in my lifetime and perhaps the history of the United States.

The want you to take things like your underpants and pull them up over your mouth and nose. Or they want you to take the sports section of the newspaper (yes, those still do exist), cut it out a bit, tape a few strings to it then cover your mouth and nose.

I have said this before and I will say it again, not only do masks not work, there is much suppressed scientific evidence out there supporting that position, even the geriatric dweeb Fauci is on record for that, but logic dictates that the mask transmits.  We saw this with the year 2020 and all of the masking that was used and people still caught the virus.  Things like constant mask adjusting, the hand catches the alleged droplets then you itch your nose and oops, you got it.  

Then you find the masks laying on the ground, the floor, the table at work, the bathroom counter, then you move it.  Virus on the hands!

But worst of all this is for a year and now people want to continue this and that is letting our immune system do its job.  Part of that job is to have a partial attack which lets the body adjust and heal.  It needs to work.

Also, proper hygiene. This does not mean we have to sanitize every two minutes, but use common sense.  

All the masks have done is allow Antifa continue to wear them.  No virus, then laws get created to ban face masking in public.  After all, the mask is part of the criminal’s uniform!

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