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I was a bit young when I saw “Grand Prix“at the theater and was not quite into know actors and actresses, so I saw the great job he did in the movie but did not really know what you were capable of.  The Maverick series came before me so I caught it in reruns many years later.
The first movie that I really knew James Garner was “Support Your Local Sheriff”.  Comedy and parody at its finest.  And of course that line, “I’m on my way to Australia...” I would say represents many of us in life.  We are on our way somewhere, somewhere definite,  And we don’t quite get there either.
I can watch the “Rockford Files” over and over and never get tired. That is not only a sign of good writing, but great execution of the good writing.
Jimmy, you kept working well into you retirement days and for that we are thankful.
By the way, the Polaroid thing and its “instant” made it a bit of a pain for many professional photographers.

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