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045 pissed away

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You did not have to be a psychic to know this was coming.  

In basketball we call it telegraphing a pass.  In baseball, it is reading the opposing catcher's signs and having that advantage.  In football it is knowing your opposing quarterbacks signal calls.

American Blood was shed to liberate these people but we did not arrange to have a backup plan in case they could not take care of themselves.  Who is at fault?  Many.

Starting with the president, he in no way wanted to keep anyone there beyond the minimum.  Congress, did not force the issue.

Now the bad guys are back and what does our president want to do? treat this like a video game.  His answers for every thing, send in the drones.  Does he work for Amazon.com?  Sending a package or a message? or doing something constructive.

Maybe the Mid-east is a lost cause.  After all, the good guys become bad guys and you cannot trust anyone.  We finally got Gaddafi thinking right at Obama got rid of him.  Same thing with Mubarak. Now, it is thought that we have to make friends with the bad guys, Iran and Syria to fix this?  Saudi Arabia, where are you?

Is there even a solution?

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