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005 mother nature

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The current administration has its sights set on global communism.  They are starting within the United States boarders with centralized control of our natural resources.  They demonize the use of coal, refuse to allow for drilling of oil at known supply points.  They are taking taxpayer money and giving it to unproven technologies with products that are controlled not by people who can perfect the product, but to business people who have no clue as to a working product, and treat their companies like a grad school project.  Green companies are eating our money then closing their doors when we have technologies that if allowed to be uesed, could tell those enemy nations that we are getting natural resources from that we are going to use our stuff and work towards a good future with profits and entrepreneurial spirit.  Sorry, the Pilgrims proved a centralized structure did not work (don't expect to learn this in our public schools), the Russians and East Germans proved it did not work (you won't learn about this in our public schools), the Greeks, Cubans and Venezuelans are proving  as we speak (thank God we do not have to learn this in our public schools!)  Mother nature is here to tell us it is ok to use our natural resources!

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