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It is time for the mainstream media to recognize their responsibility to the world.  It is time for the mainstream media to put their biases aside and report the news objectively.

This includes asking the questions.  This includes not just taking the word of government officials as gold without doing the followup research to verify or call in question their statements.  This includes using the freedom of information act to get to the details of the situation.  This includes taking and reporting objectively all peoples involved current situations.

This has been going on for years.  Is it strictly ideological?  In part.  It is also a lazy media.  And a combination of both.  But I will ad two more factor.

High paid media stars and media people coming from prior political.  It is these two categories that have been contributed greatly to the problem.   

Media people coming from prior political operations and being elevated have tainted the news world doing two bad things.  One is they relate to their prior political job and are not objective.  Examples of this include former Clinton Operative George Robert Stephanopoulos.  Hired by ABC to to have better access to the Clinton white house he has become the poster child of nonobjective reporting.  Numerous film exists of biased treatment of republicans and kid gloves handling of Democrats.  Was a prick toward Trump and a pussy towards Clinton, Biden and Obama.

The same can be said for Jake Tapper (who should be in jail for treason), Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, and more.  The bias can go both ways, but I see the left being more abusive of this.

The other is the high paid news person, usually anchors and show hosts, but there is also the allure of the high paid that reporters will play this bait for a possible big future payday by being a future anchor or host.  They will play the angle of the network of desire instead of being objective.  This goes for both the left and the right.

I don’t say that news reporting must be done by paupers.  But, it is up to all involved in the news process to be objective and call their editors on the carpet for their editorial abuse.  They must be willing to lose their high paying jobs to report objectively.  They must work hard to research all of the angles to get the story correct.

If news reporting were done properly, we would have seen just a few differences in events.  Included are Ted Kennedy would not have been a Senator for years.  His ass would have been shamed for the killing of Mary Jo Kopechne and not been made a constantly elected Senator, the Mueller report would have been reported on before Muller finished his report, Jeffrey Epstein’s list would have been published, all things Clinton would have been reported and exposed. Included would be the Fraud that Anthony Fauci is and his associated criminal activities, all contributors to the science of the alleged virus given honest reporting and not being classified as wackos, exposing Bill Gates for the fraud he is, and the bullshit that the FDA, the CDC, and the WHO have become.

Best yet, the Biden crime syndicate would have been exposed before the 2020 election and perhaps the election vote happened as it probably was but would most likely take the corpse puppet off the ballot would have changed the 202 election, avoided the January 6th 2021 event, and kept Ashli Babbitt alive.

Look at the affect that an honest objective media would have had!

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