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138 red hiding

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138 red hiding

138 red hiding
The first episode of the Beverly Hillbillies sitcom the patriarch of the family, Uncle Jed, introduced the family to a new type of money, Millions of Dollars! Jed struck oil on his land shooting for food.  An oil company offered him a fair price to extract the oil.  Millions of Dollars.

Jed moves his family to the Beverly Hills section of Los Angeles.  There he encounters Milburn Drysdale, the head of the Beverly Hills Bank who convinces Jed to deposit all of the money there. Periodically Jed and his clan wanted to see the money in the vault.

There is now another new type of money that Jed would find even crazier. Trillions of dollars! The whole Federal Electorate is guilty. They passed bills to fund foreign wars in Ukraine, Israel and the Asian Rim. This while we have a national debt of $34 trillion dollars and adding. If I were to ask the question, can I see the money in the vault, I would see a pile of IOU’s.  

Also, when paying someone else’s bill, we would expect that we could place some ground rules about how it is used.  Why is the corpse demanding that Israel have a cease fire and negotiate a cease fire while sending funds to Israel, but give ton’s more dough to Ukraine but demands nothing.  This after which with the help of Boris Johnson in England, squashed a peace agreement March of 2022? Why is the corpse not demanding that Ukraine and Russia talk in the same way he is demanding that Israel and Hamas negotiate and cease fire?

The House and Senate got a majority vote to give money no strings attached.  The amount of money sent to Ukraine is crazy! Who ever won a war with Russia?  Putin says that it is not on his radar to start taking out European countries. Looking at recent history, explain this to me.  Under Bush 2 Russia gets Georgia.  Under Hussein Obama, Russia gets Crimea. Under the corpse, there are the Russian ethnic portions of Ukraine are the goal.  Three areas of debate.  Three week globalists sitting in the Oval Office.

President Trump, a United States first president, no attacks by Putin. Little Rocket Man? No lobbing bombs in the water near Japan.  Red China in check. Why?  And they said Trump in bed with Putin. All while the Corpse’s kid is collecting money from the Red Chinese and the former wife of the Mayor of Moscow.  Not to mention all the dough the kid was getting from Ukraine interests.

Put all of that aside. The real danger to the country is that by hiding behind this accountingly red money, the real work needed in the country is not getting done.  Our legislators need to pass proper bills to run the government instead of using last minute continuing resolutions. The Congress needs to go top to bottom of all of our government agencies determine what is necessary and eliminate that which is not.

The federal government has a very bad spending addiction. I don’t call it a problem because it is beyond a problem. This is addiction.  I have been told prime traits of addicts is the inability to say know and the desire to keep doing. When was the last time they said no? When is the last time this bunch did not go looking for something to spend money on?

There has to be a discussion on what the real purpose of the military is and what the foreign policy really is.  Editorialpinups.com is on record of stating that the United Nations is useless and nothing more that a wannabe dictatorial government force.  Created under the auspices of settling disputes between countries without using war, give me one example when they have done this?  Instead it is nothing more than a collection of countries that want to be dictators.

Since the United Nations has proven useless, our foreign policy must be defined with America first. We were this way before World War I.  We should have been better after World War I and not had a foreign policy dictated by England and France to handcuff the next generation of a country. We also need to know that as much as we want every country to live by our rules, we may just have to accept that they live by their rules, as long as their rules say they are not going to kill us and hopefully not kill others. Unfortunately there is abuse of women by the likes of the Taliban and other bastard ass groups.  But proven twice, those jerks don't go away. This dialog has to happen between all of the countries, especially the super powers. The countries also have to respect the borders of other countries.

This can be done, but not with the likes of the corpse and the old guard.  While Trump is not too much younger than the corpse, he is not entrenched in the corruptions of government like the corpse.  I am not for term limits in theory, but they may be necessary to help keep a citizen legislature.  Being in Congress should not be a life long career, it should be a thing you do for a short period of your life, then move back home and get on with life living under the laws that you helped create.

While I agree with Chuck Grassley more than I disagree, I feel he should have stepped aside after a period of time the same as I say with Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler et al and I always condemned Ted Kennedy on this point. These positions should not be life long careers. That was not the design. Also, with exception of death of the representative and perhaps a major family situation, leaving their elected position should not be an option. Again, editorialpinups.com has been critical of this and the affect it has on the rest of the country as it disrupts the balance of power that the electorate sent to represent them.  Review https://editorialpinups.com/137-quitters.html .

This next part is hard for me. Investigations of corruption must continue and get to conclusion. Nixon was insecure and screwed up. Bill Clinton had a perpetual hard on and a wife who did not seem to assist. George H W Bush was the first globalist who admitted it with his New World Order line which is not what Americans wanted to hear.  “W” has one country’s citizens take out our World Trade Center buildings and he goes and invades another country.  Obama with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes out the leader of a foreign country.

All this happens and the guy who did none of this is the one investigated.  And they are not trying to figure out how he did it. No, they want to keep him from doing again.

I pose this question.  When the chair back falls, and all get exposed, who has the stomach to clean this mess up?  There will be mad people, sad people and fighting people. There will be people that won’t believe their eyes. There will be shock. What has been a country that has been blessed beyond belief, and no, we are people and are not perfect, but the country has been blessed beyond many other countries because the founders did not want a permanent overlord style government. They wanted citizens to come and make policy then live under it. That must be our return.

By the way, Milburn Drysdale did lose all of the Clampetts money.  The chair back fell.

Will you be able to handle the chair back disintegrating?  And what will you do? I know what I am very tempted to do, but my wife probably will not go for it!

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