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053 remember the baggage

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I was taught at an early age that many people will vote for who the consider is the best person for the political position. A good thought, perhaps?

I learened at an older age that there is baggage that comes with candidates of political parties.  Some of it is good, some of it not.

It seems that a person of a political party can claim to be independent and vote the voice of the district they are representing.  Unfortuntately there are thes things called party caucuses.  It is in the party caucuses that the good independent candidate becomes tainted.

All of a sudden after Donald Trump gets elected president, the economy gets good, unemployment is at an all time low, manufacturing is rebouding and expanding.  It is possible there is a local Democratic candidate who agrees with what is happening. However, it is in the caucuses that they get turned around and instead of being a voite for positive, they become a vote for negative.  Unfortunately this means that the good Democratic candidate gets nulified by its caucus.

We note that Joe Manchin broke from the Democrat party and voted to confirm Judge Bret Kavanaugh. This took courage as he is now on Schumer and Feinsteins shit list.  But he voted the will of his district.
The mid terms are important.  Remember the baggage that comes with the candidiate. The decision is do we want to continue this positive development of our country?  Or do we want to set it in reverse?

Let’s do the right thing!

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