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055 my skin does not determine my vote

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I know that when running a campaign that the goal is to get elected.  There is a message to bring to all voters that the message is the same for all.  Live by the constitution to change the laws that have been passed.  Have legitimate debate on the issues.  Don't pander based on race, religion, ethnic background, wealth or lack thereof, marital status, union membership, work occupation, political party membership or lack thereof, or any other host of people specific designations.  To get this country back going on it s proper path and to allow for true issue enlightenment, just discuss the issues place them on the table and have legitimate discussion.  And Mr. Obama, Ms Pelosi, and Mr. Reid, legislation must offered in a timely fashion, with all legislation read by the legislator prior to voting, and then voted according to the rules of the constitution.  Also, Mr. Reid, what about a budget?  Also, have you been studying Michael Madigan and how to run a chamber?

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