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The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act, Obama Care, was perhaps an attempt at a solution to a problem that was not properly defined.  Payment for health care in the United States became an employer paid function for many when there was a wage freeze during World War II..  Employers offered to pay employee's health costs in lieu of giving raises to retain valued employees.  ou see, an emplye could change companies and increase their pay, but current employers could not offer a pay increase.

Unfortunately this new concept, third party payer created an unfortunate effect.  Prices went up because it was no longer an option paid for with cash. represents this through the four things we don't pay cash for.

During the Bill Clinton adminstration they had attempt number one called Hillary Care.  I read the whole thing.  When I got to the page that said I was a criminal for paying my doctor with cash, that  was a problem.

Now with the ACA, I give some thoughts.

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