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104 Negotiate

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104 Negotiate

104 Negotiate

This is a message not only to the Corpse and his minions, but to the House of Representatives and United States Senate.

Money that we do not have as a country is being sent to the Ukraine under the false pretence that this will solve the problem by beating back a nuclear power over a centuries old historical dispute fostered by borders that were somewhat arbitrarily created with the help of the British politicians to name a few.  The contested areas have a mix of ethnic Russians and Ukrainians.  Scuttlebutt says people in this area would like to be under of the control of Russia.

Editorialpinups.com had past reported that there was a deal back in 2022 to stop this mess. Boris Johnson from England went to Zelensky and said to reject the deal.  When asked about it by Tucker Carlson, Johnson said it would cost one million dollars to talk about it. Carlson rejected the extortion.

As a taxpayer I reject giving one more penny to the Ukraine to allow Zelensky to continue to destroy his country and kill his population.  Putin has stated that his only desire was this additional territory that contains ethnic Russians and a history of being in Russia’s borders.  This controversy was elevated with the breakup of the Soviet Union and the partitioning of countries in the breakup.  Putin also said that there should be no expansion of NATO.  Putting NATO member countries on Russia’s border is a threat to Russia in the same way that Cuba putting Soviet Union Weapons in Cuba.   

The Ukraine dispute should not have gotten this far.  There should have been ongoing negotiations to bring to conclusion.  The only result of continued unaccountable and unlimited military aid to Ukraine without negotiations will only continue a bloodbath in Ukraine with no end in sight.  

For once, it is necessary for Europeans to get their act together and get one right. Citizens of the United States are getting tired of dumping money in a mal-contrived concept with no discussions.  There must be negotiations.  Without negotiations there will only be a mess. And Boris Johnson will need to be kept way.  The Brits can send others to represent.

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