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102 Only One Chance

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102 Only One Chance

102 Only One Chance

Kevin McCarthy got fired for it.  Mike Johnson, you said you were not going to do it.

You did it.  You agreed to a continuing resolution.

Here is what you have to do.  You need to follow the directions “099 The Constitution Says How”.  Lead the House to make all of the spending bills.  Do the votes with Roll Call.

Send the bills to the Senate.  Make them vote on each one and be accountable.  If Schumer does not put them for a vote, take him to court.  Do to the Democrat leadership what they try to do the Republicans.

Do not be afraid to shut down the government.  Have your people really research what it means to shut down the government.  Lay out to the American population to what it actually means.   

Make your press releases bullet proof.  The citizen media is ready to be the first to report on this.  Do not expect the mainstream media be honest, they have proven to be dishonest.  If the mainstream media misrepresents the situation, call them out.  The internet is there to crosscheck the media.   

“099 The Constitution Says How” gives you a summary of how the Constitution lays out the process.

Mike Johnson, do your job and do the process.  Screw the negotiation crap.  It is not defined in the Constitution.

If you do not, you will be fired also!


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