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076 Plausible

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076 Plausible

So the August 8, 2022 raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-A-Lago is interesting and disturbing at the same time.

Most interesting because it has not happened before.  With all of the investigations on Hillary Clinton and the excuses for not sending her to the clink, they come after Donald Trump not only for things that were A) packed by White House professional staff, B) had been at Mar-A-Lago for a year and a half, and C) National Archive representatives have been working with the Trumps six months ago to go over what has been in storage there.

Most disturbing is the FBI did not allow Trump representatives to watch as they were working.   Therefore, it is not plausible for me to be able to accept anything the FBI will present as evidence in any type of charge. They could have been sneaky with Trump representatives watching, but they did not trust themselves to be that good.

This rates right up with the January 6 house committee being objective as there is no dissenting voice to cross examine any of the witnesses and being able to ask questions about why Nancy Pelosi refused the National Guard, why Ray Epps is still free after being a very visible agitator, ask Capitol Police why they were letting people through the gates and doors, get to the bottom of the death of Ashli Babbitt, and release all of the recorded video.

And finally after viewing “2000 Mules”, reviewing Mike Lindell’s research, seeing how various investigations and court cases are coming forward, and my years of experience in Data Processing and News Reporting, there is no way on this earth that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 Presidential Election!

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