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Never have I seen a president with such a stupid way of dealing with terrorists.  Also, you would think he would make a note on all players involved.
In one corner we have five very bad men...terrorists. In the other corner we have an alleged POW...that is until we find out that the guy went AWOL from his unit, caused multiple deaths when the unit tried to find him, who has a father who is imitating an Al Quaeda member.
You invite mom and dad to to the White House for a Rose Garden Celebration and the father cops the place for an Islamic Sanctuary.  All while you have the VA Hospitals treat patients like manure.
Mr. Obama, your intellectual trap is just a bunch of garbage. You either don't know what you are doing, or you should be put up on treason for trying to destroy this country.
And by the way, I am appealing to your white background in this case.  Therefore that makes me a racist!

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