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So here I was, planning to do my first body painting project.  We were planning to do a general session, do a psychedelic or something.  Then there goes  Harry Reid.  And I agree with him (see the "WW3 Rosie the Riveter", "WW3 a League of Their Own", and WW3 Wanda the "Warrior and Olivia the Officer").  Harry and I do not agree to often.  In fact, I am sure that a good amount of the legislation he passed has given incentive to businesses moving over seas, especially to China. So to help Harry I have created the prototype body paint uniform for our athletes.  I do have vacation time available so I can get the paint brushes out (still looking for more paint brushes "Made in USA").  I will need help getting a quick passport, otherwise I will have to paint them before they go over!  As Harry said if they have to wear nothing but a singlet with USA on it painted by hand, that’s what they should wear.  This is a little more than singlet!

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