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094 Presidential Election

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The results of the presidential election cannot be trusted.  A combination of procedural and technical issues have caused distrust.  We need to have a remedy to this situation or the United States will never have a chance for an election with confidence in results.

Starting with vote counting, this is made to be more complicated than it needs to be.  Read a ballot and tally the buckets for the candidates checked. A group of ten-year-olds can do this with a minimum of supervision. Computer systems are not needed.  The results need to be reported when completed.  Interim vote counts are not needed.

The act of voting is to be done on a day of election.  It should not be spread out over days let alone weeks.  Voting should be done in person on the election day.  It should be an exception to need to vote at a time not on the designated election day.  To verify the validity of the exception the process must verify the identity and the continuity of the exception ballot.  It must also include the ability cross check after the count while preserving specific vote anonymity.

Information regarding one of the candidates views was suppressed. The debates did not address  foreign policy.  True debate regarding the economy did not exist. One candidate had been investigated for over three years to find nothing and another candidate has investigations starting and finding improprieties which need fessing up and challenge.  

Candidate exchange needs to be had.  One candidate can do multiple massive rallies per day.  The other cannot fill a toll both and calls it a day by 10 am.  Energy and confrontation.  It needs to be done.


Here is what we do.  We throw out the presidential election results which have been riddled with doubt and many cases of witnessed corruption.  We designate January 1, 2021 as the presidential election day. We schedule four 4 hour debates. December 27, foreign policy, December 28, Economy, December 29, Social policy, December 30, everything else and free form.

Debates will be team moderated including moderators from OAN, Newsmax, Fox, The Chicago Tribune, Jim Fisher, The Quad Cities Times, I will even volunteer as my position as editor of editorialpinups.com.

January 31 is taken as a day of rest before the election.  We have 20 days to find election volunteers.  There shall be balance and quantity. Requests for Ballots must be December 15 and turned on December 31. Acceptable couriers  such as the post office, ups, fedex can be used.  Submission can be made right after the last debate.  The election would be held from 12:01 am until 1 pm January 1.   

After the poles are closed, The counting crews will come in.  Made up of equal numbers of democrats and republicans and be different from the pole workers 12:01 am until 1 pm. The votes submitted by December 31 will be counted first and segregated in as locked vault holding area.  Next the votes the day of.  There will be no sub total of the requested ballots.  

The totals will be reported by phone to the county then the county to the stat then the state to the federal election board.  Results by Noon February 2.

This would be a sane solution.


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