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106 purple to red

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106 purple to red

106 purple to red

The stakes are high. We have seen the results of Blue cities, Blue states, and the country having a Blue alleged leader. Blue states and Blue cities are the worst run places.  Their result is either empty run down house or they are too expensive to live.  People pooping in the streets, prosecuting attorneys letting criminals go while they hassle a presidential candidate.

At the federal level we have ridiculous inflation, constant wars, the idea that foreign leaders are bad and there is a desire to kick foreign leaders out of office. We have racism being created for the purpose of division.  

The other side needs to be back in power to clean up this mess. We must return to the constitution.  It seems the party of Red has those fighting to return to the Constitution.

We need to start with those states that are fairly even in numbers and get them to the Red side!  Once we get those states poling Red, then we can go after the hard core Blue states!

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