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055 AOC you are invited

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Editorialpinups.com has always been proud to be able to take things that politicians say and point out their lack of logic.  We try to do this in a way to present what they say and show them how it makes no logical sense.  

Today we look at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) AOC.  She calls herself a socialist.  Her ideals of socialism reflect more of the central government disasters of the Soviet Union which finally fell, Venesuala which effectively is falling apart, she seems to like the concepts of the central government control that of Red China to mention a few.

Then comes the "Green New Deal".  Total central control to make this work.  Right as the United States has energy independence allowing the country to have a natural progression to the newer technologies that would eventually supplement some of the older technologies as the price becomes right and the economy of the United States is so hot that Black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all time low, AOC proposes the" Green New Deal".  On the surface this sounds like a right thing to do.  Until you look at some of the details.

Eliminating Gasoline Cars. Ok, we all buy an electric car.  But the power grid you say.  Can it handle it?  Not today. Not anytime soon.

Ok.  How about eliminating Air Travel.  Yes, that is in the "Green New Deal".  Ok.  How do we get across the big pond?  Do we slow up the country by getting on Horse and Buggy?

Don't get me wrong.  We should not purposely trash our country the way that Red China is doing, that the former Soviet Block countries did.  And we don't as a rule.  The United states is a pretty clean country and logic will have that continue.

But the extreme environmentalist opinions are never backed up by logic, just emotional panic.  AOC is an over emotional politician. She replaces logic with emotion.  Or, she finds her way to the Elitiest One Worlders and tries to destroy the country, just as she tanked 25,000 jobs in her own district.

Editorialpinups.com requests the presence of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for a tour of the Faces of Freedom exhibit at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  After that a one hour unedited interview.

Editorailpinups.com also prides itself on being a bit cheeky. We generally have a female model to deliver the message.  Why, a tribute to the pinup of the WWII generation, a generation that sacrificed to save the world's collective ASS and because I like creating an edge to the art.

Since a young girl called Little AOC has received death threats since doing AOC parodies, our model for this pinup has elected to wear a mask for the sake of safety.

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