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095 Why The Wall

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If The President alleged Joe Biden and his Vice President Alleged Kamala  (Hi Willie Brown) Harris were elected with out fraud, then why would there be a need to hide the Government of the United States behind a razor topped fence and military guard?  

Why the need to hide behind a fence to have a representative from California made dirty by a Red Chinese spy try to impeach a former president?

Why does Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell not tell the world what they knew about a potential breach on January 6, 2021?

What are the Democrats so damn afraid of that they are keeping the public out of the chambers during sessions?

My thoughts?  They did not win legitimately.  They have tones to hide.  They are a plant by the Red Chinese.  Joe Biden is a Red Chinese operative.  Kamala Harris is an opportunist and will kiss the ass that buys her.

Yes, editorialpinups.com is being harsh.  We have to.

By the way, Cheri Bustos did not win legitimately either.  Just look at the map.  The same method of fraud occurred.

Faces will reappear once this communistic insurgence either ends or I am ended.


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