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107 Biden You Did it Wrong

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I expect no less from this administration.  After all, they have screwed up everything.

This pinup is deals with the technical details on the act of withdrawing American presence in Afghanistan.  Common sense says do not telegraph your moves.  That includes setting a date for complete withdrawal.  It is best to not publicize when a project type of this.  Do not let the enemy plan to screw up your plans.

To do this right you get the people out first.  Then you get the troops and their toys out next.  If you have to leave some of the equipment, make sure it has a self destruct technology on it.

Of course, Biden’s team took the troops out first, left the civilians that were to leave there, and left the equipment complete with keys to the car in place. Then Biden’s team had an Oh Shit moment, scramble and send troops back in to try to get the civilians out.

Anyone who has ever emptied a wedding venue knows that first the wedding guests leave, the staff cleans up, then the equipment is put away.

Incompetence or intentional?


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