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034 cards cubs

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Let’s See, the Cubs tried the Santo Kick, they tried to de-curse the curse, Leo Durocher tried, we had Ernie, Billy and Fergie all at the same time, There was Lou, Dusty, Don, Lee, Don, Jim, Dale, and more, now Edger.  They tried Dallas, Andy, Jim, Herman, Jim, John, and more, now Jed. Occasionally they come close, but no real cigar

All this time the Cards have had stars come and go.  they had some great managers and some ok managers.  The difference is that when the Cards generally say wait until next year, they have lost in either one of the playoff rounds or they just missed the playoffs.

Today editorial-pinups.com salutes the Cards and Cubs...Just not sure how to salute the cubs other than perhaps next year I will have the salute completed!

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