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In lieu of any real witnesses, as they don't exist as there are no crimes or true impeachable offenses, the Nadler Kangaroo Court parades four college professors to convince us that Mr. Trump is an impeachable guy.

As we live history we experience a presidential victory by a president who had some very stated goals. Move the Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, clean up Washington by "Draining the Swamp", protect our Southern Border and clean up Immigration to reduce and eliminate Illegal Immigration, and more Broadly which affects everyone, Make America Great Again!

In doing, the said candidate beat Democratic Party's "Anointed One". Yes, Hillary Clinton who through the rules of the DNC was effectively guaranteed the Democratic Nomination. Clinton was such a lousy candidate that at the beginning of her campaign she stiffed a Kirkwood College Journalism student a promised interview. In tghe eyes of editorialpinups.com she guaranteed her loss.

The day said candidate won, there were a group of Democrats and liberals (I separate the two as some liberals don't like to think of themselves as Democrats) that had tried to reverse the election with all sorts of false claims and false charges. They created kangaroo investigations that have only proved that said candidate fights back and talks tough. Poor babies!

Then there is a part of the media that insists they are reporting objectively but lack on true investigative skills, objectivity, and the journalistic integrity of not excluding factual information.

Mr. Nadler, you paraded three college professors as experts. They had no proof or evidence of any wrong doing, just a bad interpretation of the constitution. This was the morning show. Of course, a news break says what happened so far without referencing the fourth testimonial.

It is that fourth testimony that explained what the constitution stated. The testimony stated one of the goals of the liberal ruling elite that wanted to get rid of the president. Make people mad at each other. Divide them. Create classifications.

Pity the poor person who was to take a test on the constitution after only hearing the first three testimonies. Stripping for the instructor would be the only way to eradicate a failure on the test.

Nadler, you are very wrong. You are greedy. Your only two jobs in private life were gambling and legal. You have never made a product. Your published record has no recording of building a building or restoring a building. Ever make a payroll? I don't see it. Gambling, law, and elected office. Not much for the average person outside of the liberal belt to relate to.

Nadler also tried to impeach the second George Bush.  It seems that he cannot accept the results of an election when a Republican wins.  If Nadler was to prove objectivity, he would have investigated Obama when he had a chance.

Go ahead, try it. Keep the false accusations up. You are being seen as the fraud that you are!


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