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113 Scotus Leak

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113 Scotus Leak

The Supreme court has always been known to work in a somewhat predictable but secret mode.  There seems to be a four part process.  The first part is to decide to hear a case.  While there are some specifics spelled out in the Constitution of what they would be eligible to hear, there are two specific purposes for the court.  The first is to determine the constitutionality of a law that was created and second, to settle disputes between states.  

The second part of the process is to hear the case, many times presented by reams of written documentation from lower level courts but there are oral presentations.  The third part of the process is the decision and the court writings for the majority and the minority positions. This third part is generally done under extreme protection and secrecy.  Finlay there is the fourth step, the public ruling of the decision and presentation to the country the majority and minority opinions.

Determination of constitutionality of the law has been a part that has caused the court controversy over the years of which two cases.  This pinup is not here to discuss the parts of the three cases, that is for another pinup.  The two cases are the Roe vs. Wade January 22, 1973 and the January 13, 2022 NFIB vs. OSHA and Biden vs Missouri.

Currently there is a case Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization which depending on the ruling would change how Roe VS Wade would be applied. It has gone through Steps one and two and is currently in the step three process.  However, the secrecy has been broken and there has been a leak of the potential decision.  

The leak has caused the usual protests which are generally reserved for step four.  The leak however is causing opponents of the decision to protest and hassle justices, not all but for the majority opinion justices.  There is fear that a justice or two will change their decision changing the majority to the minority.

This cloud of secrecy has been the rule to give the justices the ability to properly write to explain the ruling as it would be referenced in future cases.  If the writings are incomplete future litigation would deal with possible loopholes and vague encapsulations.

There are two things which must happen.  The court must concentrate and work hard on the writings of the decision even if this means putting other court business on hold.

The second is to find the leak.  Here at editorial pinups we offer the skills of past pinup model characters to help find the leak.   

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