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Red China

Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus other wise known as
Red China
I grew up in an era that Red China was not recognized as a country.  Before President Richard Nixon recognized Red China as a country Chinese Taiwan was China.  If it said made in China it was made in Taiwan.

Nixon said that we had to recognize this population.  They had to be included.  It did not matter that they were a communistic nation that killed their dissidents.  They had no real products to sell.  They had people.  This was emerging slave supply.

Xi Jinping is General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and paramount leader of China.  He is in charge of keeping the slave labor employed and subservient.  This had worked for years with the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama. Xi had tremendous success with creating an environment where American companies would move their manufacturing to Red China.  Currency manipulation, regulated false costs.

I worked at a foundry.  I was told that domestically only large castings could be made at a profit domestically.  Many had tried to explain to me how that could be.  Similar to back when they made the Yugo in Yugoslavia. How did the pricing work?

False money.  You subsidize as a government.  You control currency and define it’s value in your favor.  You do not include in the cost of products all of the cost of products. You demand the engineering details and intellectual properties.

Worked well until Donald Trump came along. Trump came along to demand that the trade imbalance change.  A country cannot sustain itself without manufacturing. Trump saw how all of the past trade deals since Reagan gave away the house. With the power of tariffs he was able to start changing the trade deals.

For practice he started with Nafta.  Then started getting victories in China.

This virus has a spread origin in Red China.  Keep in mind that the Red Chinese Government has demonstrated a lack of respect for human life.

It makes you wonder on this timing.
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