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As I have been busy starting to move my business out of Illinois to Iowa, I had wondered how the other neighboring states to Illinois have been doing.  I have been watching as my sister has been trying to sell her house in suburban Chicago with little activity I thought that with her proximity to Indiana, her competition was more than just Illinois houses.
Then I here the report of Wisconsin, or the lack thereof on the news reports but on the talk radio shows, I hear that Wisconsin has taken a deficit and turned it into a surplus.  At the same time I hear that Illinois is still behind on paying their bills. Congratulations Wisconsin.  So I investigated more.
Their unemployment rate is going down, but not as fast as desired by many.  In fact, job growth has not been at the desired pace.
So I look at what are the factors that could cause that to happen.  The only consistent factor I could find is the less than stellar job creation across the country.  
The conclusion, the federal situation is helping hold down successes in Wisconsin.  So if we look at implementing principles that have helped Wisconsin at the federal level and in other states that are lagging...Illinois, Callifornia to mention a few, perhaps we can clean up this mess.
Of course, that would hit some career people in the wrong place!

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