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Mit Romney got his butt reamed during the election process when an off microphone discussion came on microphone.  He stated that there were 47% of the voters that were just not going to vote for him regardless of what he could say so he was just going to ignore campaigning to them. We stated here before that this was a sales and marketing decision.  One made by every retailer in the country.  The way the ignorant press treated this was despicable.
At the same time Mr. Obama was saying that all would be able to keep their doctors, keep their insurance plans, that their employers would continue their plans as it was the “thing to do”.  Challenge that bastard, our president, and you were called racist.  Challenge his numbers and you were called racist.  Disagree with his communistic ideas and you are considered racist.

No, there is a percentage of the population that have lost their access to their doctors.  There is a percentage of the population that their insurance plans have been canceled.  They were told the plan they had did not meet specifications.  It did not matter that it had met their needs, their budget, and their afford ability.  

Numbers are running between 5% individuals, 51% employer based  cancellations, penalties, and a number of  negative happenings including only part time jobs being created en masse with this whole debacle, let alone a web site designed by a child and created by a buffoon.  The wicked witch of the IRS defending this whole piece of debris.  

On top of this, information is continuing to come out finally in the alleged main stream media, which had been broadcasted by the conservative talk show hosts since the beginning that this piece of derelict-able dredge is not going to cover everyone as originally promised.  It can not.  There is not the capacity in the system for it to work as advertised.  There is no guarantee of $2500 savings in premiums. Co-pays and deductibles are skyrocketing under the majority of reports.  As usual the numbers cannot work.  Capitalism gets in the way.

Understand, it did not work under Jimmy Carter.  I predicted before his election victory that his numbers did not add up.  Why it was the computer science majors including myself at my fraternity who recognized this and the accounting majors who all agreed with and voted for Jimmy Carter did not see that the numbers did not add up blows my mind.  And it happened again with the alleged watchdogs of the numbers!

Here is why this has happened.  It dawned on me today when talking with a few of my young friends and co-workers.  In talking about pickup trucks and gas mileage I mentioned that pickups keep getting larger and unless you spend the amount for a near west Davenport Iowa house, you will not get a diesel which right now gets the best pickup truck mileage.  I said I had a truck that got between 25 and 35 miles per gallon of gas.  Thats right, I had a Chevy Luv truck.  It was a great commuter vehicle and was great because I could haul the things I needed to haul.  They had also not heard of the Subaru Brat, another great small gas mileage truck.

If they had not heard about those, it is no wonder so many forget or do not remember the Carter debacle and this communistic buffoon and this garbage got shoved down our throats!

By the way, like an idiot I traded my Luv truck years ago and now I need a fuel efficient pickup truck with a topper.  Anyone know where I can get a Chevy Luv Truck (before Government Motors) or Subaru Brat?

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