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128 The Warriors and Donald Trump

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128 The Warriors and Donald Trump

128 The Warriors and Donald Trump

I had seen this technique before.  It was not successful then and we hope it is not now.

Donald Trump has a journey.  The destination is the 2024 Presidential Election.  This destination should not be the 2024 election.  Through a lie a corpse was elected.  The lie was a multifaceted creation.

The Journey is first to the Republican Nomination for President then to victory to become President again. Through out the next year there will be caucuses, primaries, speeches, stated visits, interviews and more.  

Actions had to be created to force Trump away from his ability to campaign.  What would be a way to get in the way.

In February 1979 I watched the movie, “The Warriors”.

Quoting  TVTropes.org:

The Warriors a 1979 crime/action movie, directed by Walter Hill and based on the 1965 novel of the same name by Sol Yurick, that tells the story of nine members of a New York City street gang called "The Warriors" as they fight to survive one very bad night.
The movie starts with the Warriors arriving in a huge Bronx park to attend a summit called by Cyrus, the intelligent and charismatic leader of the Riffs, New York's most powerful street gang. Cyrus makes an ambitious proposal to the assembled delegates of the city's various gangs: if all of them unite under his leadership into an army, they can rule the city and take out the cops, the mob, and anyone else who gets in their way.
Swayed by his eloquence, almost all the gangs are completely fired up to unite and make Cyrus's dream a reality. They don't realize two things; the cops have been quietly surrounding the park as Cyrus speaks, and Luther, leader of the Rogues, is planning havoc. In the midst of his speech, as hundreds of gang members are distracted by their own frenzy, Luther shoots and kills Cyrus. Luther then frames Cleon, the leader of the Warriors, for Cyrus's murder. An instant later, the cops raid the park as the Riffs kill Cleon. None of the other Warriors know either that their leader is dead or that they are accused of Cyrus' murder, but they do manage to escape the frenzy.
The remaining Warriors are now faced with a nearly impossible task: make their way from the Bronx to their home turf of Coney Island at the opposite end of the city, with the cops, all the other gangs, and Cyrus' actual killers all hunting for them.
The trip according to Wikipedia is around thirty miles.  No cars, just public transportation and legs.  

I bring this up because the Warriors are falsely accused of an incident that many saw with their own eyes.  This sounds very much like the 2020 Presiential Election and the crap that has occurred since.

I like many believe the Presidential Election of 2020 was not legitimately won by the avowed liar, racist, and plagiarist Joe Biden, aka “The Corpse”.  Campaigning from the depth of the average coffin burial and the health and looks of a Zombie made no sense.  The people of the United States are smarter than that. The number 81 million for The Corpse was not plausible.

Yes, Trump had some mean tweets.  Trump used Twitter because with the exception of OAN and Newsmax, the alleged news networks including Fox were cheerleaders for the corpse. To get his points visible, he had to be loud and visible.

Our founding fathers did not envision a voting month.  No, the envisioned voting day. They realized the risk of having a voting day, and there were at times the possibility of personal danger.  But those eligible to vote back in the beginning got there but there on voting day.

The Alleged Virus was used for illegal voting exceptions.  Before the election courts were approached but judges used legalese to be derelict in their duty. The courts said no one was injured yet.  But I did now back then I had a strong chance of being injured.  All it took was a brain to figure that out.

Those illegal exceptions were found after the Election to be Ripe for fraud as portrayed in the movie 2000 Mules.

So election day comes and weird stuff starts happening. People are reporting incidences of impropriety.  

Election night counting stops around the same time contrary to mainstream media reports.  Voting machines were doing strange things and many were hack-able.  

All this led to many including Donald Trump and myself claiming there was a problem in the results.  

The judiciary was again asked to step in and used legalese to propagate a false counting situation.

Step forward to January 6. A crowd supportive of President Trump gathered in DC to hear him speak and let it be known that they just wanted to be heard and considered. Vice President Mike Pence proved that day that he could not communicate.  He said he did not believe the constitution would allow him to reject electors.  The constitution is very clear in the process of counting the electors. The counting started.  Then some people decided they wanted to be heard in the Capital building.  And there were people there for the purpose of making it look like there was an insurgence.  Who is Ray Epps?

Crap ensues and Congress then says forget it.  We will not fight it.

It is that day and beyond that we now parallel the movie “The Warriors”. We start with a false accusation.  For the Warriors it is to get back to Coney Island after being falsely accused.  For Trump it is to try again for the 2024 election when the judiciary had failed in properly hearing all of the evidence of the 2020 election and falsely accuse him of meddling.

Here are the similarities:

The Orphans and Alvin Bragg. In the Warriors the Orphans were not invited to the big event.  They were not of that level, less than minor league.

Bragg has taken an incident of a minor league level to most rational Americans and turned it into, well an incident without standing.  A little snot trying to use the big incident to get in the way of the of Trumps ultimate goal.

Then we have Jack Smith and the Florida charges with the dispute over unclassified documents. This would be similar to the Warriors battle with the Baseball Furies. Considering all of the other characters who had classified documents on them, Trump was the only one who could declassify.  Watch for Smith to lose in this one just like the Baseball Furies lose.

That leads us to Jack Smith and the January 6 special counsel. Now we have the Warriors and the Punks. Trying to say Trump tried to overturn an election.  No, since the judiciary sat on a nail and rotated, this was an effort to use constitutional law verify and possibly turn back to the states the investigation of election wrongdoing. Will Smith be right up there with the Punks in success? Not if there is an honest judge.

Last but not least is Fani Willis and the Lizzies.  The lady will try her hand where the guys couldn’t. While crime is rampant in Atlanta, the county seat of Fulton County. Willis is trying to criminalize investigations and client attorney privileged. Again, with a rational judge which have been few in this whole process, Willis should be less successful that the Lizzies.

Most of the Warriors make it from the Bronx to Coney Island.  When they arrive, they are told they were not the murderers and the real murderer is apprehended.

I do worry that Trump may go the way of Cyrus and Cleon. However, my bet is on Trump to not only make it to the election, this false legal crap will conclude and perhaps the Republicans in the Congress will have gotten some of the perpetrators in the 2020 theft!


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