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085 the republicans

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Editorial-pinups.com has had some fun at the expense of the Democrats, now it is time to have some fun at the expense of the Republicans.  Those who have followed editorial-pinups.com over the years have come to realize that both political parties just by their very nature are open to some fun poking.
We start the Republican primary season with no less than seventeen candidates vying for the party nomination to run for president.  On the way to the contest though, the mainstream “real politicians” encountered a few new playmates, and they don’t seem to really like one of them at all.
The mix of governors and former governors and senators and representatives (who can tell we will call them the politicos) have run into a Brain Surgeon, and two from the business world, and they are scared.  The Brain Surgeon has knowledge, intellect, and knows that he has to study for the tests.
Many of the politicos have stated that they must reduce the size of government.  Their problem is that many have no clue how to do that. Unfortunately to this point in our history, they have usually just slowed the growth to make it look like they have shrunk the government.  The businessman and the business woman have said the words “you’re fired”.
The first ever editorial-pinups.com contest..Guess the candidate.  Email a list of who you think is who by number to the editorial pinup and Glamour/Boudoir artist and be eligible to win a prize.  To help you, feel free to order at least an 11 x 14 print.  Then hang on your wall to follow through the convention...and beyond.

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