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Terrence Goggin

The alleged Republican opponent to Michael Madigan in 2014 suddenly announced  that he is not running.  Or should we say it this way, it had been announced that Terrence Goggin, the Republican candidate opposing  Michael Madigan had been removed from the race.  It was not known who did  the communication to take his name off the ballot, as no one has seen  Terrence Goggin.  This is the fourth time Terrence Goggin has been on  the ballot, but no one has seen him.  

We at  editorial-pinups.com are looking for Mr. Goggin.  We think that he is  either not a man, or he is going under cover as a lady.  In order to  help flush out Mr. Goggin, editorial-pinups.com has created this page to  display pictures to see if we can find Terrence Goggin.

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