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122 Corrupt Corpse

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122 Corrupt Corpse

122 Corrupt Corpse
The Biden Family Crime Syndicate has been supposedly been living in service to the United States.  Joe was a senator then a vice president in the United States.  The salaries for these positions are not great.  About $230,500 as VP tops and from $44,000 when he started as a Senator to $44,600 when he began serving in the Senate in 1973 to $169,300 at the end of his Senate Tenure.  $396,456 was his highest reported yearly income when he was in office.

In 2017 it balloons to $11,031,309 and 2018 $4,580,437. Perhaps incoherent speeches, book deal maybe?  

But the guy seems to be bought and paid for.  Add to that the Hunter Biden situation.

The Corpse White House is showing no real integrity.  He lies about everything, is a hateful individual. His history shows more corruption than can fit on this web site.  It is out there.

The Corpse, The Big Guy!

He makes me puke!

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