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Not that we have extremely high expectations for the debates.  There always seems to be the problem that questions do not get answered, the moderators seem to always support the Democratic candidate, it seems that there is a bit of similarity and my questions never get asked.  But it does give us a glimpse as to how each may use the office of the presidency. Lets look at the differences.  

Our current president has had no experience in the private sector.  I doubt he can change a light bulb.. However he does seem to be a fan of banning them.  He has never made a payroll that anyone can record.  He has had indeed questionable friendships, has hung out with terrorists, apologizes for being  American, has a wife who also has worked the patronage system, wants to across the board dictate our lives under the auspicious "taking care" of us.  He does not understand that the American Spirit is to be able to take chance, have the opportunity for success without being forced to do it someone's way realizing the rules for play are limited and the opportunities plenty.

His opponent seems to be a successful businessman with international  results, knowing when to fold and when to play, took over an Olympics that was in distress, was governor of a state that did a 10th amendment item, and looks to experts for things he may not be expert in. He does not believe in wealth distribution, wants to scale back confiscatory policies and questionable regulations and refuses to apologize for being American.

I think I will let us all just watch the Vice Presidential debate and let you decide!

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