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040 political surveys

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The republican Vice-Presidential request has been chosen by Mitt Romney.  This signals the beginning of two on two (that's presidential and vice presidential candidates requested from both parties, don't be fooled, this can change at the conventions, but not likely).  This means that the gloves are off and the phone calls are coming.  And this year cell phones are being found.  That means that you will not be able to hide behind your cell phone.  Remember the do not call list you put your cell phone number on?  Does not apply to political calls...Sorry.  Peace will come November 7 after the country decides whether to continue the slide into the toilet with this alleged Chicago intellectual who has never made a payroll, never created a job in the private sector ( you have to work there to create them there), not remembered by his alleged college classmates, creates class warfare by wanting to see everyone's tax returns, and whose wife mastered the concept of working patronage jobs (stick a head of lettuce in that one Michelle,  By the way Roy, why are women named Michelle obnoxious in one way or another?) or someone who has made payrolls, paid millions in taxes, given to charities, and has run a state where Bobby Valentine has screwed up a baseball team!

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