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099 Hiding

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The D.C. Capital Event happened simply for one reason.  The courts at just about every level decided not to hear in a timely manner between the election and the counting of the electors what many would say was overwhelming evidence of something gone wrong. Those courts used every legal trick in the book not to hear cases.  My disgusting favorite is "standing".

Data Processing 101 we learn that an error in batch processing causes a stop in the processing, call in someone to make the required and desired correction, then start the batch process up again.  Depending on the nature of the interruption, already processed data may be reprocessed with the usual procedure to be to eradicate the data of the aborted process therefore not having duplication of data which in some cases cannot be distinguished. Many affidavits point to not eradicating the data of the aborted process and running data through multiple passes without eradicating the previous erroneous runs!


Newsmax TV presented this summary? https://www.newsmax.com/murdock/affidavits-bartiromo-tribe-clark/2020/11/20/id/998077/ citing 400 plus affidavits.

Fox News reported 900 plus affidavits highlighting voting irregularities https://www.foxnews.com/transcript/gop-obtains-over-900-affidavits-highlighting-voting-irregularities.

A web site has been is dedicated to the improprieties https://hereistheevidence.com

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over Election Rules in violation of Constitutional specification.  The Supreme Court is the only court that could hear the case and refused to hear the case.

Mike Lindell put together a few videos regarding the subject and more found here.  https://lindelltv.com/ There must be some truth to this as there are thoise tryihg to put him out of business.

Dominion Voting Systems sued Mike Lindell and My Pillow Inc.  Mike Lindell counter sued.  Again, the wheels of justice are moving like a snail.  Discovery would answer a ton of questions if it gets that far.  My prediction is Dominion will figure out how to not have this go to court.

With the courts refusing to hear the cases between election day and the counting of the electors on January 6, 2021, people gathered at the capital in Washington DC to see if the legislature was interested in hearing them. Their goal was to have a large rally outside that congress could see from their windows.  Maybe even one member of the House or Senate would address the crowd. President Trump did address the crowd.

Then a strange thing happened.  Before President Trump finished his speech, a group of people rushed the capital Some went in.  It was a small minority of the people who came there decided to go into the capital.  One unarmed woman got shot and killed by a still unidentified person on the capital payroll.  It is suspected that Antifa infiltrated and were the main rabble rousers.  

But get this right once and for all.  With all of these legal actions the people felt the court did not do their job and listen.  They hid behind legalese.  They neglected to do their job and hear actions.

And don’t start me on the swamp dweller, Bill Barr. He proved to be a member of the swamp.

All this inaction gave us the "corpse" plagiarist. Look out country, once the effects of Trump’s presidency get reversed, brace for a mess!


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