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087 The Judge

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I had thought 2014 and 2015 could not be matched for societal nonsense.  The events of Ferguson Missouri bothered me tremendously.  Events in Chicago did no good for my mind.  Cleveland Ohio and the death of a younger boy with a toy gun drove me nuts.   Watching the White Sox play the Baltimore Orioles made me dwell, What the Dickens!!??  All of the police and citizen interaction gone wrong.

Common to many of these incidents has been the after death investigation has been that autopsies had been performed. All of these including twelve year old Tamir Rice had autopsies. All were black.
So why was there not autopsy performed on Justice Antonin Scalia? Looking at the reported facts on the case we have a Supreme Court Justice staying at this ranch for no charge.  His airfare was not paid for by him.  The ownership group of the ranch had had a case go to the Supreme Court.  There was no federal marshal protection for the Judge, which is optional.  The regular law enforcement was not available. A officer unfamiliar with this activity was on the scene.  It is not suspicious that a pillow was over the judge's face? Who sleeps like that?

The said Scalia had an MRI the week before for a shoulder problem.  Was he there to take pictures? My gun friends say that the kickback on a rifle would give him major problems.

But why no autopsy?  The Justice of the peace and the family agreed? Wait a second.  This guy was part of the group of nine that made very strong life decisions for Americans.  Sorry, I say that due to his employment by me that I demand an autopsy. After all, Tamir Rice was a twelve year old playing with a gun.  He got an autopsy.  So did the victim in Ferguson and also in New York.

This is the second death of a major historical figure during the Obama administration that we are told to just accept.  Did we really get Bin Laden?  I am told that due to his Muslim background we disposed of his body as to not disrespect him.  Saddam Hussein did not get that respect!

No, in this case, since this was your basic Italian American, I can only think of one reason the will of the people to know that for sure what the Judge died from, including toxicology, etc., is that it is racial.  Yes, if he were black, and liberal, an autopsy would have been performed in a heart beat.

Message number two. The constitution is quite clear.  Will our constitutional scholars running for the Republican nomination please think before you talk? There is no president here. There is no reason to try to define a president. I expect Donald Trump to give misinformation.  That is his gig. But Ted Cruz, you have been the most vocal constitutionalist in this race and you blew it big time. Ben Carson and John Kasich, you could have made positive points with the right answer. Marco, it all depends if it was on your recording loop. Can we show off our knowledge on the Republican side?  Please?!!  If not the two old fogies will eat you alive!

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