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044 poor hillary

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Years ago the comedian Phyllis Dillar had a sitcom called “The Pruitts of Southampton”.  This was about a family who was thought to be rich and after the IRS got a hold of them found out they were broke.

You would think that Hillary Clinton would have more sense than to claim She and Bill were broke while procuring not one but two multi million dollar residences,... not in Arkansas where they had come from.

Benghazi aside, it is this type of two faced lying and BS that the United States does not need in this country.  This does not even account for her expensive crap policies that make anyone with a brain want to barf.

There has to be better, even in the Democratic Party.  Perhaps we can hope that the Democrats hit themselves with the Bob Dole, John McCain entitlement mentality and lose their butts come the upcoming presidential elections.

Keep in mind Hillary, Monica has not been able to have any comfortable life since Bill took advantage of the situation and you guys decided to smear her as a way of miking Bill look good.

You, Hillary and Bill are Trailer Park Trash!

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