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036 tried immigrate

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It has been interesting to watch the ACA roll out.  There has been the controversy of the act since it was back door passed on an interesting technicality.  Also, the attitude that the bill had to be passed then we will see what is in it is not the way that business should be done in a representative republic.  Our founding fathers had this idea that bills should be to the point and single focused.  The idea of the simplicity was to keep the ruling body from shoving through bad things and special interests.

The ACA was anything but that.  And it has been the habit of this administration and first started by the Clinton administration to create side shows to try to take our attention away.

Some would say that immigration reform is necessary. Many say that we have laws on the book that are not being enforced.  so is it not ironic that after a quiet period  in discussion of the alleged need for immigration reform  it comes back with the ACA web site screw up.  Looks like they are trying to deflect the attention from the ACA mess.

Watch as the Obama administration more than any other seems to keep bringing up items that are definitely back burner to divert attention from the ACA mess.  Immigration is one of those issues in this point in time.  Why consider a new set of laws when they won’t enforce the old ones?

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