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137 quitters

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137 Quitters

137 Quitters

The beg for money.  They promise you the world. They say they will be your voice for a period of time.

Then, Bam! They quit.  

Oh, they have their reasons.  President of a college, a government job for a foundation, they kicked me out of the speakership, oh they don’t get along like they used to, I may have to work.

In my mind there is only one strong reason for early resignation, death of the candidate. I gave family problems in general a consideration, but there are too many factory and office workers who go to work every day when dealing with family situation.  Aside from FMLA consideration, which would be temporary, the situation must be such that a replacement of a similar thought be put in place at that point.

The resignation of Mike Gallagher has hit many people as he is resigning in a way that will leave his seat vacant and not be available to have an election to fill the seat as the rules say he is resigning after the date that an election can be scheduled. In other words, he is throwing a tantrum.  He does not like how the arguing and debating is happening.

Ken Buck is being a wuss also.  “It is the worst year of the nine years and three months that I’ve been in Congress, and having talked to former members, it’s the worst year in 40, 50 years to be in Congress,” Buck told CNN. Vox.com stated “Buck joins former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in the wave of high-profile resignations in recent months as slightly more institutionalist House Republicans have left amid party dysfunction and extremism.”

What does that mean? The job is not for the weak.  You are elected by your district to vote in a certain way and to push the issues they want.  It ain’t easy.

Right now the United States is under attack by many forces.  The global war mongers are taking our tax money and killing people for profit.  Reference the excuse of NATO. The corpse fucks up the withdrawal from Afghanistan but also then realized that he needs an ongoing war to placate the globalists.  Ukraine looks like a good idea.  It worked during Hussein Obama’s term, let’s do it again.

Hear it as is should be.  You clowns, you got elected on the promise that you were going to be in that seat in the Senate for six years and the House for two. Do one of two things.  Stay until your time is done, or make sure someone who agrees with your promises is put in place to take over.  

This is why people are angered by the arrogance of Gallagher.  If he quits before the second Tuesday in April, an election can be held to fill the seat. After, vacant.  What a piece of manure. I demand you pay back any profits from your time there.

Babies with their opportunities.  Is it no reason politicians have such a bad name! What a bunch of asses!  

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