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063 tp forced action

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The idea of having at least two political parties is that there is a difference of opinion.  The second George Bush administration seemed to enlighten us to the fact that there was a bit of a similarity between many Republicans and Democrats.  Ridiculous spending, special interest considerations, a bit of an old boys network approach, and the fact that when push came to shove, the old guys were not getting anything by the Obama regime.

Now comes along Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and a few others who are fighting the status quo.  John McCain, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell are all fighting them!  They seem way to easy to compromise and let this Obamacare thing go through without debate.  It got this far without much fight. Now there is fighting.  It is good to have debate on a difference of opinion.  This whole health care debacle needs to have its course reversed.  As the numbers come in, a bad web site, prices through the roof, policies being canceled and being replaced by expensive high deductible plans that were not promised.  Bait and switch like this can only be learned in one place, Chicago.  Guess where our president learned his politics, Chicago.  Dump this bum and all he represents!

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